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Our Vets
Dr Vanessa Harkess, BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (Avian Health)
Vanessa is our Principle Veterinarian at Brighton Vet Surgery and has been with Brighton Vets for over 10 years. She graduated from the University of Queensland in 2000. Vanessa works in small animal practice but has a special interest in birds, reptiles and other unusual pets.
Vanessa's work has taken her to regional Queensland, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. She is married with a daughter (and another new arrival pending), a pet Border Collie called Holly, a Cockatiel called Squeaky, and a green-cheeked conure called Marvin.
Dr Rebecca Taylor, BSc (Vet Biol) BVMS MANZCVS (Avian Health)
Rebecca knew she was going to be a vet from the age of four, spending holidays helping on her family’s farm, and using spare time to role-play being a vet, reading books on aviculture and bird identification and listening to Don Spencer’s “Feathers, Fur or Fins” cassette on repeat.
Her love of animals only grew when she was given her first pet, Aussie the talking budgie at age 9, and since that time Rebecca has kept numerous parrots, bred a few species of native frogs, and has developed a love and passion for both birds and exotic companion animals.

Rebecca joined the veterinary industry in 2006, working as a Veterinary Nurse in a busy small animal practice in Brisbane. In 2008, she moved to Perth, Western Australia, where she completed her Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVMS) at Murdoch University. 

Since returning to Queensland, Rebecca worked as a Veterinarian in a mixed animal practice in a rural town, where she gained experience in many companion and hobby farm animals from dogs and cats, to goats, sheep, alpacas, pigs, horses and cows. Rebecca trained at Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Service through a 12 month internship programme with specialist Dr Deborah Monks and team, and there her love for strange and unusual pets grew - Rebecca loves to treat pet parrots, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, rats, mice, reptiles, fish and amphibians.

Rebecca loves yoga, gardening, food, wine, craft beer, weekend markets, antiquing, travelling, and learning German. She spends her spare time with her family and her favourite companions - Jaz the clever 8 year-old kelpie X, Minou the cat, and Ryan the human. 

Rebecca joined the Brighton Veterinary Surgery team in May 2015, and and is so far loving the opportunity to return to dogs and cats, while still being able to keep in touch with her feathered, furred, and scaled friends.   

Rebecca is looking forward to continuing to get to know the people and pets of Brighton!
Dr Stephanie Shaw, DVM MANZCVS (Zoo Med) Phd
Stephanie joined the Brighton Vet team in 2016 and is another of our avian and exotic pet vets. Originally from California, Stephanie did her undergraduate  wildlife biology degree and post-graduate doctor of Veterinary  Medicine degree at the University of California Davis. Stephanie decided on being an exotics veterinarian at 10 years of age. Her main drivers to work with exotics and wildlife are the challenge they bring and the constant need for upgrading her medicine and surgery skills to accommodate the  ever expanding  knowledge in this field.

Stephanie has a background in dog obedience training. She worked in small animal/exotics practices for many years in the US before sailing on a very small boat with her husband to New Zealand with her vet bag in hand. Described as an "All American Kiwi living in Australia", Stephanie  worked in New Zealand for 12 years  with  free ranging  native birds and finished a residency  in  conservation/zoo animal medicine at Auckland Zoo and her PhD  through James Cook University on "Diseases of New Zealand Native Frogs".  Stephanie has worked for 2 years in a very busy Australian native wildlife rehabilitation facility and brings with her a  knowledge and empathy for injured wildlife. 

Stephanie and her husband with 4 children, 2 dogs (Shandy  the Shit-poo and Gio the Maremma) along with 3 cats, 4  chickens, (and often an extra set of foster cats and  foster birds)  have been settled in Brisbane since 2012. Stephanie has her  Australian New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists membership in the Medicine of Zoo Animals and has worked for both Taronga Western Plains Zoo and  Australia Zoo as a locum and is currently a regular locum for the University of Queensland Avian and Exotic Service. She also  works  several days a week for The Animal Welfare League taking care of homeless dogs and cats.

Stephanie is very excited to have the chance to establish some regular clients and  their beloved pets and work with whatever species you bring to her!